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Here are some affiliated sites that may be of interest or to act as a point of reference for members looking for other connections

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The Cheshire Freemasons Provincial website provides much more information about Cheshire Freemasons and our activities on a broader scale.

It’s well worth having a frequent browse as it’s updated regularly.

You may even find some more news about the Cheshire Widows Sons Masonic Bikers!

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The Widows Sons North West Chapter was formed in 2011 and was instrumental in assisting the formation of the Cheshire WS Chapter.

We maintain close links with our Brother members of this Chapter and if you have a closer look at their website, you will find more photos of the formation of our Chapter.

The National Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association in the UK, which like CWSMBA is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. You can visit the UGLE website here

The below are Masonic Lodges that some of our members belong to

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Northwich Lodge 428 is an amalgamation of 3 Lodges dating back as far as 1836. You can find much more information about their history by visiting their ‘About’ page.

There are 3 Widows Sons belonging to this Lodge

Noctorum Lodge 5913 was consecrated in 1943 and meets 7 times a year at Hulme Hall with its Installation in April.

They have a very comprehensive website and you can follow them on Twitter feed here

There are 2 Cheshire Widows Sons who are members of this Lodge

Other Groups of interest

Enjoy riding? Why go alone?

Connect with people who are passionate about riding just like you.

This website offers ride outs and tours for all biker types, so whether you’re after a brisk or leisurely ride out, or a long or short tour, you will find a group or ride out for yourself.

Plenty of information on their website here at