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Masonic Bikers Association

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The Widows Sons is an International Association which is open to all Freemasons who enjoy motorcycling and have a desire to ride with and associate with their fraternal brothers.

We are recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England and our main goals are to:-

Here in Cheshire we formed on the 2nd March 2018 and were constituted at a special meeting at Cheshire View Masonic Hall on 28th April 2018.

Our focus is to promote motorcycling and friendship throughout the Masonic Province of Cheshire and beyond through regular meetings, ride outs, Tours and the UK Widows Sons National Rally that meet once a year.

First and foremost we are Freemasons and we adhere to the Principles of the Obligations we have made to be a part of Freemasonry. Friendship is promoted through ride outs, breakfast meetings and trips to motorcycling events and we hope to promote ourselves at numerous gatherings throughout the year.

Of course in abiding to those principles we seek to support Charity, by holding fund raising events and visiting various good causes throughout Cheshire to make donations. As with all of Freemasonry, we do not collect from the public and all funds are sourced from our own funds and social events.

To join us, you have to be a Master Mason in good standing and a current member of a Masonic Lodge. Also of course, to have a motorbike capable of doing some of the long runs we do.

If you are a family member or considering joining Freemasonry, you can still be a part of our great friendship, male or female, young or old. For this we have our affiliate group known as the ‘Bad Pennies’.

As with our regular Freemasonry we have regalia, in the form of a leather cut (not compulsory) on which we proudly wear several patches, each of which has a meaning relevant to our Order.

If you are interested in joining us, or have any questions, use the Contact form here to get in touch.

Who are The Widows Sons?

Originally founded in America, the Widows Sons have become a global interest group affiliated to Freemasonry. Now growing in the UK and more recently our own Cheshire Chapter was established.........