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These three attributes are what makes up our unique organisation. Read more about us here


Here’s what we have been up to of late,but please browse the website to learn about much more of our activities all done in friendship and charity…..

Would you like to join us?

The only prerequisite is that you are a Master Mason in good standing (being a current and paid up member of a Lodge) and own a motorbike.

If you ride a bike and are considering joining Freemasonry, you can join our affiliate group, the ‘Bad Pennies’ and partake in our rides whilst you join and attain your 3rd degree in Freemasonry.

Go to our Contact page for more information.

Two dozen members turned out on Saturday 31st August 2019 when President Harry Shone presented a defibrillator to Andy Topham, founder and manager of The Combined Services Barbarians Rugby Team. Our own Steve Stockford, a soon to be member of Noctorum Lodge and a Masonic biker heard the Barbarians were short of this lifesaving technology and arranged a match with his team, Anselms Mavricks RFC, at The Vauxhall FC, Ellesmere Port . The ‘Barbarians’ are former service men from the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines who raise funds for HM Forces Charities by playing matches all over the country. The ‘Barbars’ Manager, Andy, thanked the ever generous and big hearted bikers and later said “jumping up and down on someones chest may save lives, but this little beauty WILL save lives. “

We recently celebrated our second anniversary at the Mollington Banastre Hotel, near Chester, who put up a fine evening for us with a 4 course meal, disco and of course our ‘professional’ karaoke singers taking the limelight as usual!

It wasn’t all about the enjoyment for ourselves, friends & families of course as we also raised the magnificent sum of £2,500.00 that will be distributed to a variety of local charities.

One of the requirements to be a fully patched Widows Son, is to become a Master Mason. As Paul (aka ‘Gunner Lofty’) Lang, recently became such. Prior to this time however, you can be a part of our ‘Bad Pennies’ group as a friend, family member, or just interested in Freemasonry. Contact us for more information.

Two of our more recent recruits to CWSMBA, Dave aka ‘Chip’ & ‘Gunner Lofty’ Paul, both of whom were ‘patched’ at one of our recent breakfast meetings. Dave has been a MM for sometime, recently joining us and Paul has been with us as a ‘Bad Penny’ and recently became a MM.

Lockdown Tuesday 5th May 2020 - Following a plea for help from the Neonatal unit at Leighton Hospital requesting donations for baby grows, the Cheshire Widows Sons stepped in and donated £190 for the purchase of new baby grows which were hand delivered to Ward 22 by CWSMBA members Dave Lee, Rob Howell, Jeff Arnold & Pete Wright.

The staff were amazed at the generosity of the members and couldn’t wait to grab a photo.They quoted on their Facebook page “A big thank you to the Cheshire Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association, who have generously donated 80 brand new baby growers….”

CWSMBA had nominated the 2019/20 to the Prostrate Cancer Charity and donated a total £1500

The Club members gathered at Richard (Bugsy) Houghs' house following a scenic, if somewhat blustery ride around the east of Cheshire. Here we received a warm welcome and an interesting and informative talk from Tony Collier regarding the Prostate cancer charity. Tony, gave us a personal perspective of his journey, symptoms, survival rates and the need for more speedy and effective early diagnoses. Far from dry and humourless, the talk gave all those present a rather humbling insight into this terrible disease but also the staunch attitude of those who suffer, including their nearest and dearest and the efforts of Cancer Research and all those who lead the fight.

For more information on this worthwhile charity go to or call 0800 074 8383  

*Thanks to Dave Allen & Jeff Arnold our able Road-Captains. The Welsh brothers joining us and Tony for his excellent and captivating talk. Special thanks of course to Richard and Jill, who supplied a perfect setting, light refreshments and hand-sanitiser! oh and CAKE!